The former need to prepare strategies to protect their core business and expand into new markets of growth.

)Some amateur content creators are quickly building large libraries of content—and audiences.

An in-situ, smartphone monitoring survey among Dutch binge-watchers was used to reveal context factors related to binge-watching and wellbeing. In many ways, OTT is neither more nor less than a replication of the traditional set of consumer video services. Every week, using Snapchat and Instagram, they collectively create up to 100 minutes of video content that covers a number of lifestyle topics including sports, food, and fashion. The first of these is the popular online television portal, Hulu, owned by a number of the United States' largest media companies. Television can strengthen community by providing a basis for shared understanding, especially when it is playing an informative role, through news or educational programming (Putnam 2000, 243; Shah 1998, 475-76). Sports aside, despite a number of subsidies, tax breaks, and programming quotas, dollars flowing into original entertainment productions have not necessarily increased at the same rate in non-English-speaking markets. Between the lack of remote control, the non-skippability of the streaming services’ commercials, and the dissociation of streaming programming from any system of “channels” one might “flick,” such a compromise becomes all but impossible when using such services. Moreover, on dedicated single-network players like ABC’s, that selection is quite narrow, restricted to only what that network sees fit (and is contractually allowed) to provide in that format – for ABC, mostly daytime or evening soaps, plus a few reality shows and news programs. In the past, video content, which provides, perhaps, a richer experience than any other medium (at least until virtual reality becomes a mass-market reality), has had a substantial impact on economies and culture. Currently, all over-the-air TV broadcasters in the U.S. use an analog transmission standard called NTSC. For instance, in Brazil, which has been benefiting from the middle class and improving infrastructure, pay TV penetration has been increasing at 10% per year since 2010, with all traditional participants benefiting. The structure of the television viewing space is altered to greater or lesser extents by different streaming viewing technologies; thus, it will be important to consider how such alterations might differentially affect the relationship between television viewing and intimacy, as well as the kinds of gender dynamics that play out in the viewing space.

(See Exhibit 13. (See Exhibit 3.

In Canada, for example, the share of domestic programming on CBC Television, conventional, and pay and specialty channels either stayed flat or rose from 2008 through 2014.

"Online TV-Watching Shift Mostly Due to Convenience." reneging probability.

Watching video on a mobile phone—at home or on the go—cannot be the same kind of long-form viewing experience as watching on a big-screen TV.

(See Exhibit 2. As Meyrowitz affect social reorganizing the social settings in which people interact…[and the] introduction and widespread use of a communication may restructure a broad range of situations and require new sets of social performances (Meyrowitz 1985, ix, 39, emphasis added). Space Shifting. Especially with regard to the postcommunist countries, scholars and democratic activists alike have lamented the absence or obliteration of traditions of independent civic engagement and a widespread tendency toward passive reliance on the state.

It comes down to the purpose of—and from that, the value of—the domestic content that is being bought. ‘Heavy binge-watchers’ watch more episodes, spend more time and do it more frequently than ‘light binge-watchers’ but with the same motivations.

One of those trends is called ‘binge-watching’. Results indicate that binge-watching is a solitary activity that occurs in an online socially active context. Heterosexual women also are less able than men to get their partners to watch a desired show. Furthermore, the start-up latency raised by Medusa scheme is far less than that of the batching scheme. (See Exhibit 22. But choice and breadth were limited in the traditional TV environment, which constrained channel space for live, linear programming. The children ranged in age from 3 to 6.6 years. Indeed, it seems quite possible that streaming services will only further enable the current gendered dynamics of program selection in couples by providing another secondary venue in which the partner who loses the fight over what to watch on the regular TV can watch their programs, just as second televisions and time-shifting have been used previously (Walker 1996, 820).The third and final way in which I will note that current streaming services change the social experience of television arises from the ways in which they encourage selective viewing over habitual or passive viewing.

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