This is simply a must-try, for your own bar or as an interesting party gift. The level of pride and passion that goes into creating each bottle almost demands that humble drinkers like you and me take a little time to appreciate their individual stories. This item is not available for in-store pickup in your area. '”One of the most interesting things about working with Garry oak and visiting the good folks at reWine was learning more about the world it comes from. And like the wood that lines the walls in our tasting room in Seattle, this oak was salvaged—unwanted by others who could not see its potential.”Garryana is 56.2% alcohol by volume (112.4 proof) and bottled at cask strength. We released Garryana 1|1—a large release of 2,500 bottles—as well as three single casks and a distillery-exclusive hand-fill. Garry Oak single casks are not balanced—the spice is strong enough for clairvoyance, but they lack sweetness.

They’ve gone from air-dried salvaged wood found in old barns to having a hand in taking the logs and making them into the barrels.It should also be noted that the new Westland Garryana 4|1 also includes some casks traditionally used in whiskey-making, such as first-fill ex-rye and bourbon casks, but the spotlight is said to be “squarely on the marriage of Garry oak and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.”If you like scotch this is a whiskey you will love because it has that earthy wood flavor along with some smoke and tanginess. The hope is for a success rate of one-in-ten—if one oak makes it to maturity for every ten we plant then we’ve done our job. Here's what you need to know about the newest American single malt release of Westland's Garryana whiskey. Just as importantly, we relish the chance to start a new industry from scratch, in this case an economy around Garry Oak. This assembly had no peated spirit and less new oak aging. It covers more ground with a less extreme spike, like collecting mélange off the sand’s surface. Westland Garryana - A Pioneering Northwest Whiskey 02 Sep 2017 . To stay informed about Westland news and current releases please sign up for our mailing list by providing your email address below.With Garry Oak, we’re managing a resource that is, by its very nature, scarce—whether out in the world or in the aisles of our rackhouse.

Westland Garryana 2019 Release – … As I’m sure you know by now, one thing we love at Craft Whisky Club is a whiskey with a real story. We didn’t have to look too far to find weathered piles of it left unwanted.A betting man would guess that perhaps too much was harvested before an industry crash, but we learned that Garry oak has always been rarely farmed and most of the wood that does find its way to mills is blow-down or simply old. WESTLAND GARRYANA 750ml. They don’t just want to replicate what’s already been done but add their own unique twist. For 2019, Westland has released more than twice as many bottles while dropping the abv, and the total amount of production information is a bit on the limited side. The notes of Garry Oak awash, not assertive. For my taste, it is a bit too oaky for me, too much like a scotch.

As we move from intent novices to experts in understanding what it takes to turn a fallen Garry Oak log into a fantastic spirit, we will be able to take advantage of those opportunities to explore the regionality and micro-terroir of the Pacific Northwest even more fully.The first release was constructed with grandness at the fore; a burly profile constructed with peated and 5-malt spirit aged in new oak to match and bolster the Garry Oak-aged portion.

I believe strongly that whiskey should be holistic, and that environmentally and economically unsustainable practices are ultimately accounted for by taxpayer-funded restoration work and subsidies, respectively.
Westland Garryana, Whiskey, Washington, United States $ 149.99 $ 199.99 / 1000ml. Quantity. Somewhere along that curve lands the experience of Garryana 3|1. Who knows what the future will hold as we learn more about how to manage the entire process in an efficient manner. The arc from 1|1 to 2|1 was a dramatic reversal of circumstances.
Traditionally, making money selling a product and doing To date, we have planted 625 oak saplings here in Washington State, out of a projected two thousand over the course of five years. Washington contains two of the best barley-growing regions in the world, our remarkable water is sourced from the Cascade Mountains and we're surrounded by a cultural heritage that encourages questioning of long-standing conventional thinking. This will be a huge undertaking, but it’ll be one filled with opportunity.

Westland Whiskey Single Malt Garryana, United States, Washington $ 249.99 $ 333.32 / 1000ml. Four anachronistic casks first vatted in 2016 followed a path in and out of Garry Oak. COOPERAGE: Ex-Rye (29%), Ex-Bourbon (29%), Garry Oak (19%), PX Hogshead (16%), Refill Garry Oak (7%) TOTAL BOTTLED: 3,750 FORMAT: 750ml YEAST STRAIN: Belgian Brewer's Yeast CASK MATURATION TIMES: 44–75 Months

The whiskey is a great homage to traditional Scotch, but also full of Pacific Northwest flavors all-its-own. Copyright © 2011-2020 The Whiskey Reviewer (Black Gold Media) | A World of Whiskey, Poured Every Weekday Garryana 1|1 represented an intense burst, like a guild navigator cloudy with spice gas leaping heighliners through space. I believe mastery of an exploratory discipline is impossible. Through a cooperage they work with in Oregon, master distiller Matt Hofmann and his team became aware of a stock of already aged Garryana lumber that no one wanted which was just sitting at a nearby mill. If you want it you'd better grab it fast as there are under 4,000 bottles. Westland Garryana 4.1 American Single Malt (Credit: Westland Distillery) I’m a wood nerd.

Within the course of a year, we had created a shortage of aging stock within our own distillery.Our vision for the long-term management of our Garry Oak stock was clouded by our desire to share our discovery with the world.

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